35 Absolute Best Things to Do in Idaho in Fall

Looking for things to do in Idaho in Falll? Idaho’s landscapes are highlighted by leaves changing to red, orange, and gold. As the days get shorter, the state takes on a colorful autumn appearance.

Plus, there’s a surge of activities from family-friendly pumpkin patches, all the way to cider-tasting and corn mazes. And believe me the cool, crisp weather leaves you refreshed and invigorated.

Idaho’s vast wilderness areas, picturesque small towns, and mountain ranges offer plenty of opportunities to admire the fall foliage.

Stanley, a charming town nestled in the heart of Sawtooth Valley, awakens with vibrant colors in autumn.

Another hotspot for leaf peeping is the City of Rocks National Reserve, where changing fall colors contrast beautifully with the towering rock formations.

Go For a Hike In Fall

Ah, Idaho in the fall — where the trails are dusted with fall colors, the air is crisp, and the wildlife is abundant. Trust me, fall is your invitation to lace up your hiking boots and wander into the wild.

With miles of inviting trails, captivating viewpoints, and astounding wildlife, hiking in Idaho shouldn’t be missed.

For example, the popular Creekside Towers Trail at the City of Rocks.

Perfect for beginners, this 1.4-mile trail offers views that will take your breath away. Scattered among the towering granite formations, a symphony of rust, gold, and brown leaves contrast against the pale skies — a sight that would get any heart racing.

Another great spot is Box Canyon State Park near Buhl, ideal for intermediate hikers. Witness the leaves change colors as you make your way through serene forests.

If you haven’t yet hiked in Idaho in the fall, now’s the time. Plan your trip, tie up those boots, and venture into the painted landscape of Idaho. This isn’t just a hike. This is an autumn celebration for the senses.

Good to Know: Idaho State Parks require a day-use parking permit, so be sure not to forget that.

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Visit Redfish Lake- Stanley

Redfish Lake, nestled in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, is a must-visit in the fall season.

The clear glacial waters of this five-mile-long lake, framed by the rugged, majestic Sawtooth range, provide breathtaking views, no matter the season. But autumn adds an extra brushstroke of brilliance.

You can times onboard a lake tour, arranged by Redfish Lodge, learning about the lake’s unique geography while soaking up the scenery.

Fun fact: The lake is named after the Sockeye Salmon, and you’ll hear some incredible stories about them. If you’d like to inject some activity into your day, hike down to the other end of the lake and catch the boat shuttle back. Remember that five-mile distance – not for beginners!

City of Rocks National Reserve

In the heart of Idaho’s high desert, City of Rocks National Reserve reveals itself as an outdoor sanctuary, especially in the fall season.

It is an epic playground for nature enthusiasts, characterized by towering granite monoliths and spires that age over 2.5 billion years old, some stretching over 60 stories high.

It’s not all rocks though — as captivating as they are. This over 14,000-acre reserve blooms with vibrant fall foliage, coating its landscape in hues of orange, yellow, and red.

Adventure-seekers, this could be your paradise! The park has a web of trails offering views, varying from beginner to advanced hikes. It’s a must-visit destination for any adventurous soul looking to cross off items on their bucket list.

Good to know: City of Rocks caters not only to hikers but also to rock climbers. The climbs here are popular with diverse routes to test your vertical limits.

The Haunted World- Nampa

Get ready for an adrenaline rush at Idaho’s must-visit haunted attraction: The Haunted World located in Nampa.

The Haunted World spins your worst nightmares into reality across both indoor and outdoor settings. It showcases frightening set designs, chilling themes, and harrowing special effects that have thrilled visitors since 2000. Its elaborate spooky ambience, which has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, is not for the faint-hearted.

This attraction spans over 13,000 square feet, making it the largest indoor haunted attraction in the Treasure Valley region. The phrase “Enter at your own risk” takes on a whole new meaning here.

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The Lowe Family Farmstead Corn Maze & Pumpkin Fest- Kuna

If you’re looking for some festive fall family fun in Idaho, head straight to the Lowe Family Farmstead Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival in Kuna. This seasonal hotspot is known for its extensive array of activities guaranteed to entertain.

The famous corn maze provides an exciting adventure filled with enjoyable obstacles.

Both children and adults take great pleasure in the opportunity to navigate through the complex trails skillfully etched into the vast cornfield.

Then there’s the pumpkin patch, a truly picturesque spot where families can select their perfect pumpkin for Jack-o’-lantern crafting or pie-making.

In addition to the corn maze and pumpkin patch, The Farmstead provides a wide range of offerings. Visitors can enjoy hayrides that allow them to fully experience the charming and rustic atmosphere of the farm.

Pick Your Own Pumpkins (The Berry Ranch)-Nampa

This family-friendly farm offers a truly delightful pumpkin picking experience. In addition to their pumpkin patch, the Berry Ranch is celebrated for its pick-your-own strawberries and other fresh produce.

If you’re wondering about the best time for a full pumpkin-picking experience, squeeze in your visit earlier in the month. This would give you a wides election of pumpkins to choose from.

Haunted Mansions Of Albion- Albion

The Haunted Mansions of Albion offers an exciting and adrenaline-pumping adventure, particularly if you choose to visit during the evening. Once a sanctuary for neglected spirits, it has now become a vast haunted location that can be explored both inside and outside.

Located in close proximity to the breathtaking Albion Mountains, this eerie mansion is among the largest in the Northwest and showcases a captivatingly beautiful architecture. Be ready to navigate through corridors marked by blood and come face-to-face with horrifying apparitions.

Brace yourself for these spooky encounters. The adrenaline rush and the rush of fear that follows is totally worth it. Spooked already? Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Haunted Swamp- Twin Falls

Considered by many as one of the best fall activities, the chilling Haunted Swamp in Twin Falls, Idaho, continues to captivate and frighten adventurous souls for over 15 years now.

The mile-long trail reveals a world where the natural beauty of Idaho’s rugged terrain transforms into a spectral landscape under the October moon. Rivers and bridges darkened with eerie shadows, and trees seem to be whispering ancient tales.

Ghosts, goblins, and zombies are believed to roam around freely after dark, waiting to startle hardy visitors who dare to wander into their domains. Tales of laughter converting into screams echo around Twin Falls, enhancing the mystique and spine-chilling appeal of the swamp.

The Haunted Swamp is, without a doubt, a must-experience on any list of “Things to Do in Idaho in October”. So grab your squad, if you dare, to navigate this labyrinth of horrors and come face to face with the supernatural at The Haunted Swamp in Twin Falls.

Requiem Haunted House- Caldwell

Nestled in Caldwell, Idaho, The Requiem Haunted House stands out as a haunted attraction.

This fright zone will etch a spine-chilling experience on in your memory. The Requiem brims with detailed sets, flaunting gothic aesthetics, and impending doom at every shadowy corner. Interactive elements jolt your senses and a troupe of live actors convincingly inhabit the grim and ghastly personas that stalk your steps through the House.

You’ll also find the innovative use of special effects set Requiem apart from run-of-the-mill haunted mansions.

Realistic makeup and costuming put a terrifying spin on familiar themes, and the unexpected, hair-raising illusions make you second-guess your sense of reality. You may feel the chill of a ghost’s ethereal passage, or catch a glimpse of something lurking in the flicker of candlelight.

Sip on Local Flavors of Idaho

Fall is the perfect time to explore Idaho’s thriving beer and wine scene. With breweries and wineries aplenty, prepare your palate to be pleasantly surprised.

The craft beer culture in the state flourishes with distinctive fall flavors. Stop by Boise’s breweries such as Western Collective, Sawtooth Brewing, and Payette Brewing, or explore other Idaho breweries for a refreshing pint.

But if you prefer grapes over grains, then the wineries on the Sunnyslope Wine Trail never disappoint. Amidst the stunning landscape, you can sip on delectable wines and learn about the Idaho wine harvest in peak season.

Taste Idaho’s Seasonal Delights

If you’re a foodie, Boise will not disappoint. The city has rapidly emerged as a culinary hotspot, from locally-owned restaurants to upscale dining establishments.

Autumn in Idaho brings a bounty of seasonal delights to your plate. Sweeping through menus across the state are fall flavors like cranberries, apples, pumpkins, and root vegetables.

Hop on a food tour to guide your gastronomic journey through Boise.

Sample trending dishes at The Wylder, Stardust, and Barbacoa, or savor sweet delights at STIL icecream.

Drop by Bar Gernika in the heart of the Basque Block if you’re in the mood for some hearty comfort food. Try their famous lamb grinder or the Basque style meatballs, you won’t be disappointed!

Hot Springs Hopping

idaho hot springs guide

Hot springs hopping should definitely be added to your list of things to do during this stunning season. Picture yourself immersed in a heated pool, allowing the refreshing autumn breeze to grace your body as you relax in Mother Nature’s natural hot tub.

Among the popular hot springs Lava Hot Springs, an idyllic vacation resort in Southern Idaho, located near Pocatello. This place is filled with five hot springs pools, ,with water temperatures ranging from 102° to112°. What’s even better? New water is constantly flowing into the pool ensuring its freshness.

Take a Fall Cooking Class

Fall is the season of harvest, full of hearty flavors and warm spices. Consider immersing yourself in the comforts of autumn by taking a fall cooking class. Participating in fall cooking courses is a fantastic way to embrace the season’s flavors and learn new culinary techniques inspired by autumn’s bounty.

Classes enable you to tap into the tastes of fall, learn about locally sourced seasonal ingredients, and pick up hands-on cooking tips from professional chefs.

There are several cooking schools that turn seasonal ingredients into kitchen magic. Season + Taste, Boise’s newest cooking school, offers classes tailored to enliven your autumnal culinary journey. Likewise, The Culinary Stone located in Coeur d’ Alene specializes in fall cooking classes that celebrate the season with dishes that highlight fall harvest.

Oktoberfest & Festivals Throughout Idaho

October in Idaho transforms the state into a vibrant, festive hub that creates an unforgettable intermingling of cultures.

Whether it’s the authentic German heritage at the Nampa Oktoberfest, the historic charm of Twin Falls Oktoberfest , the block-long biergarten in Downtown Boise, or the exciting festival in Coeur de’ Alene, there’s a unique experience waiting for everyone.

From traditional music to delicious foods and beverages, Oktoberfest and fall festivals in Idaho provide exhilarating experiences and cherished memories waiting to be made. It’s truly the best time to visit and explore Idaho in all its glorious fall spirit.

Take a Drive Through Fall Colors

Idaho’s autumn is a burst of vivid colors that enchant all who see it. The most ideal spots for admiring the changing leaves are the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway and the Sawtooth National Forest. The Thousand Springs Scenic Byway is particularly appealing for a fall drive.

It runs alongside the Snake River and has a series of waterfalls, including the famous Shoshone Falls, streams, and an array of colorful foliage.

On your scenic drive the City of Rocks—a natural wonder filled with majestic rock formations, is a must. Scan the landscape for bursts of color punctuating the rocks. Brilliant autumn shades enrich this unique sight.

Remember to cap your scenic byways drive with a visit to Coeur de Alene to the North and the Sawtooth Mountains in Stanley. The varying altitudes present a cascading display of foliage colors, captivating to the eye.

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Explore Idaho’s Beautiful Orchards in Fall

Idaho’s orchards come alive with color as autumn arrives. Fruit trees speckled with apples, plums, and a variety of other fruits, stand against a backdrop of stunning fall foliage.

The crisp, refreshing air and the warm sunshine make pillaging through these orchards an adventure for families, and fruit lovers alike. These orchards offer a unique “pick-your-own” experience perfect for foodies and nature enthusiasts who appreciate the journey from farm to table.

Cabalo’s Orchards and Gardens in Kuna, Tyler’s Rocky Point Orchard in Emmett and The Berry Ranch in Nampa are great choices. However keep in mind the Berry Ranch is excellent for berries but they don’t have apples or plums.

Pick Your Own Apples

One of the best ways to embrace the harvest season in Idaho is by picking your own apples. A family-friendly activity, apple picking lets you explore orchards like Cabalo’s Orchard in Nampa, Candy Apple Orchard in Emmett, or Tyler’s Rocky Point Orchard in Emmett.

Loaded with arrays of apples from sweet Fujis to tart Granny Smith’s, these orchards offer more than just apple picking. Hayrides, cider press demonstrations, and even places to picnic, all make for a delightful fall day trip.

Find joy in the simple pleasure of plucking apples straight off the tree. Remember, nothing tastes as good as a crunchy apple picked fresh from an Idaho orchard. What’s more, you get to take home your share of nature’s bounty!

Visit A Pumpkin Patch And Corn Maze

Navigating a corn maze is an exciting way to celebrate fall in Idaho. These large-scale labyrinth-like paths carved out of cornfields provide wholesome, old-fashioned fun for everyone.

Whether it’s during the day, under the bright autumn sun, or at night, lit by flashlights and the moon, corn mazes transform into the ultimate outdoor adventure. The Magic Valley Corn Maze in Hansen Tubbs Berry Farm in Twin Falls with their giant pumpkin patch, and Lowe Family Farmstead in Kuna are standout favorites among locals and visitors.

For those seeking a good spook, check out the night transformations of mazes into haunted fields filled with ghoulish figures and chilling screams.

Idaho Pumpkin Patches And Corn Mazes

Embrace the adventure that corn mazes in Idaho offer. Getting lost has never been this much fun!

Panhandle Idaho

  • Lilpunkinpieco
  • SW Idaho
  • Cherryhillsfarms.idaho
  • Cross BarTwo Produce
  • Flaming_acres_farm
  • Kovick Kountry Farm
  • Lovelyhollowfarm
  • redtopmkt
  • shindigfarms
  • the Berry Ranch

Central Idaho

  • Cabalos Orchard and Garden
  • Jordansstreestoo
  • Jeremys Pumpkin
  • lowerfamilyfarmstead
  • pumpkinpaloozatv
  • wisselfarms

South Central Idaho

  • Bluerockfarmmarket
  • burleystrawmaze
  • Canyon rim Pumpkin Patch
  • Crismost Pumpkin Patch
  • Magic Valley Corn Maze

SE Idaho

  • Brandsplantranch
  • Blue Iris Garden
  • Ilovefarmfun
  • the strawmaze
  • upickredbarn
  • wildaventurecornmaze

Look for Fall Waterfalls

In Idaho, when autumn arrives, the waterfalls in the state transform into a captivating spectacle of colors, perfectly complementing the vibrant red and gold leaves. Observing a waterfall adorned with the shades of fall is an experience that should not be overlooked.

Here are a few notable waterfalls to consider for your autumn adventure.

To begin with, near Jerome, there is a location called Mermaid Cove. This place showcases an impressive show as the water forcefully cascades down, resembling a monumental curtain from a height comparable to that of a ten-story building.

The sight from Auger Falls Park on the opposite side of the river is awe-inspiring. Additionally, in Twin Falls, there’s Pillar Falls, where the water gently brushes against the rocks, especially noticeable during the autumn season.

The waterfall at Jump Creek Canyon, 45 minutes from Nampa is one of Idaho’s most scenic. You can enjoy a great hike alongside its flow during the months of March to November.

Emmett Harvest Festival & Street Fair

Dedicated to harvest season and fall festivities, the Emmett Harvest Festival & Street Fair is an unforgettable fall experience in Idaho. Celebrated annually at the end of September, in the heart of Emmett, it is a vibrant and lively event that paints the town with the colors of autumn.

The essence of the festival lies in the live music played by local and visiting bands. Numerous skilled craftsmen showcase their intricate creations, with booths overflowing with goods that captivate people of all ages.

The street fair provides a paradise for those who love food. Many food vendors tempt you with their irresistible dishes. You have the opportunity to explore a range of seasonal local foods as well as innovative foods that will thrill your taste buds.

Good to know: If you’re into fruit picking, the nearby orchards open their gates for guests during this time.

Fall Harvest Fest And Scarecrow Stroll- Idaho Botanical Gardens Boise

The Fall Harvest Festival, held at the Idaho Botanical Gardens (IBG), represents the essence of this time of year. This community event, which takes place in October, serves as a delightful celebration that welcomes the arrival of the harvest season.

At the heart of this festival is the element of involvement. Take part in the Scarecrow Stroll and experience the joy it brings. The garden is adorned with one-of-a-kind scarecrows made by local groups, giving you the chance to select your favorite one that showcases the most creative design.

If you enjoy being part of activities, make sure you don’t pass up the chance to participate in the interactive gardening workshops.Live performances abound throughout the festival. Grab a bite from a farm-to-table food truck, settle in with your brew of choice, and let the music carry you away.

McPaws Oktoberfest McCall

Despite being a small mountain town, McCall is listed as a must-visit place in Idaho, especially during October. One of the reasons for this is the lively and family-friendly McPaws Oktoberfest event held annually. This German-inspired fest of fun captures the spirit of Oktoberfest.

It’s a jamboree of live music engaging activities for all ages, and, most importantly, an abundance of traditional German food and drinks. It won’t be Oktoberfest without the beer, and you’ll find plenty of it here.

Good to know: This is a benefit event for McPaws, the regional animal shelter, so the fun you’re having also supports a worthy cause – that’s the icing on the Oktoberfest cake! Plus, don’t forget about the adoptable animals. It’s not every day that you get to party and potentially meet a new furry friend.

Boo at the Zoo – Boise

Looking for a light-hearted Halloween celebration that’s perfect for the whole family? “Boo at the Zoo” is the place to be! This event, transforms the zoo’s usual charming environment into a whimsical Halloween wonderland.

From trick-or-treating through a mountain of candy to engaging in Halloween-themed animal encounters, Boo at the Zoo is a unique blend of spooky fun and fascinating fauna.

Main features of Boo at the Zoo include costume contests, face painting, and delightful photo ops set against festive Halloween decorations dotting the zoo.

Along with these attractions, special activities like pumpkin decorating workshops and spooky storytelling sessions add a touch of the extraordinary, ensuring that your zoo visit is anything but ordinary.

Haunted Halloween Trolley Tours- Boise

If you’re looking for a unique way to explore the spooky corners of Boise, you won’t want to miss out on the Haunted Halloween Trolley Tours. These engaging tours combine ghostly thrills with snippets of the city’s rich past to deliver a truly unforgettable experience.

The Haunted Halloween Trolley Tours kick off in downtown Boise, from middle of October to beginning of November. You’ll get on the vintage trolley, and embark on a 90-minute tour to uncover the city’s sinister secrets and long-lost terrors.

Detailed narratives from knowledgeable guides set an eerie ambiance, masterfully blending history with a dose of the supernatural.

Witches Night Out – The Village at Meridian

Witches Night Out serves up a bubbling brew of activities that are as spellbinding as they are entertaining. Among these, adults can immerse themselves in live entertainment, challenge rivals in bewitching costume contests, and indulge in some witch-themed retail therapy among the many shops at The Village at Meridian.

The event also conjures up a thirst-quenching selection of food and drink options that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

To enhance your witchy experience, make the most of this mystical night by dressing in your witchy best. Don’t forget to bring along an adventurous spirit and a willingness to immerse yourself in the charm of the supernatural that permeates this otherworldly event.

YMCA Halloween Run – Boise

Get ready for the spooktacular YMCA Halloween Run. In late October, this event combines the spirit of Halloween with the camaraderie of a fun run.

The YMCA Halloween Run comes alive with creatively dressed participants of all ages. The event offers two race courses – either the 1-mile ‘Monster Mile’ or the 5K Fun Run.

The event isn’t only about racing. True to the Halloween spirit, the run features a costume contest with prizes for the best costumes, as well as the best group costume. Don your favorite Halloween costume – the more outlandish, the better.

Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area

As Autumn envelopes the landscape, Hell’s Canyon National Recreation Area shines as a beaming gem of beauty, nestled between Idaho and Oregon. The canyon holds the title of being the deepest river gorge in North America, reaching about 8,000 feet.

Spanning 10 miles, the land’s contours are swathed in brilliant shades of fall – oranges, reds and golds that glimmer against the mountainous backdrop, beckoning leaf-peepers, photographers and adventure seekers.

Adventurers can explore the numerous hiking trails that wind their way through the terrain, offering views of the canyon.

Favorite trails include the Snake River trail that takes you through the breathtaking Snake River canyon, and the Seven Devils Mountains Loop, both offering stunning panoramas of the gorge.

The area also invites you to set up camp under the star-studded sky, an experience that is as humbling as it is thrilling.

See Fall from Camel’s Back Park- Boise

Proudly nestled in the historic North End neighborhood, Camel’s Back Park spreads over 11 acres of land. The park, a favorite amongst locals offers hiking trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, and picnic facilities amongst its varied amenities. But the real charm of this park is the stunning palette of colors displayed by the trees during October.

Good to know: To best appreciate the park’s vibrant foliage, try the Camel’s Back Trails, a 1.3-mile loop trail. Slightly challenging, yet i rewarding—this trail leads you to the park’s famous lookout.

Pro tip: While in the area, explore Hyde Park, just a short walk from Camel’s Back. Known for its historic street and quaint local businesses, it’s the perfect pit-stop for some shopping or a meal after your visit to the park.

Boise State Football Games

Boise, Idaho USA: November 24, 2017 – View of an Idaho college football field and city skyline

There’s something electric about fall in Idaho, and a big part of it is the exciting flurry of Boise State Football Games. As the autumn leaves turn, the state capital becomes a hotspot for football enthusiasts, though the main attraction, of course, is the Albertson’s stadium housing the famous “Smurf Turf”. A radiant blue field giving a spectacle that sets the stage for the Broncos to showcase their football flair.

The beloved tradition of tailgating enhances this experience even more, with the pleasant sight of barbecue smoke intermingling with laughter and friendly conversation.

Craters of the Moon National Monument

Immerse yourself in an experience this fall at the Craters of the Moon National Monument in Southern Idaho. Famous for its geological formation, this place demonstrates how the Earth can imitate artistic forms, appearing similar to something one might see on another celestial body.

The basalt lava fields, with their dark, hardened rock formations, stand in contrast to the bright fall colors painting the surrounding landscape. The volcanic craters and the lava tube caves enrich the charm, providing an opportunity for visitors to explore and learn about the fascinating volcanic activity that shaped this region.

Popular walks such as the Inferno Cone climb, which covers a short distance of 0.4 miles, provide extensive views of the Great Rift, the Snake River Plain, and the Pioneer Mountains.

Additionally, the scenic drive for 7 miles through the area leaves visitors amazed as it unveils the gradual change from desert landscapes to barren lava fields.

It is essential to remember that a permit is needed for exploring the lava caves, which can be obtained at the Visitor Center. It is important to bring a flashlight for these enigmatic caves.

The Hyde Park Street Fair, Boise, ID

No visit to Boise in October can be complete without a trip to the Hyde Park Street Fair. Held every fall, this annual gathering celebrates the cultural richness of Idaho’s vibrant capital. Here, locals revel in the warmth of a community united in art, music, and local food.

The street fair runs over the course of a weekend and comes alive with a mixture of creative energy and festive spirit. With a plethora of live performances from local musicians and entertainers, the air vibrates with soul-stirring tunes.

Browse through the vendor’s stalls selling charming artisanal products and unique crafts, each one reflecting the artistic ethos that thrives in Boise’s local culture.

Food enthusiasts can indulge in a gastronomic adventure, relishing from a variety of food booths serving exotic and mouth-watering bites. For the little ones, there are numerous kid-friendly activities to keep vitality high and looking forward to the next venture.

Trailing of the Sheep Festival- Sun Valley

Welcome to one of Idaho’s most fascinating fall experiences, The Trailing of the Sheep Festival. It’s a spectacular event that commemorates the deeply ingrained culture of sheep ranching in the locality, serving as a testament to its rich history. This unique event takes place every fall over several days through the towns of Hailey, Ketchum, and Sun Valley.

The festival proudly showcases engaging features and attractions that make it a must-visit. The Big Sheep Parade sees 1,500 sheep being herded down Main Street in Ketchum, a truly captivating sight for any visitor.

On top of that, you also get to see sheepdog trials, enjoy artisan exhibits, immerse yourself in live music performances, and participate in lamb-showcased cooking classes. Special events like wool spinning demonstrations or sheep shearing contests are also held.

Thousand Springs Festival of the Arts, Hagerman, ID

As autumn leaves start to fall, the quaint town of Hagerman, Idaho transforms into a hub of artistic inspiration, thanks to the enchanting Thousand Springs Festival of the Arts.

The festival invites art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the displays of more than 90 artists who will be showcasing their distinct talents. See live performances, partake in demonstrations, participate in interactive workshops, and let your imagination roam free with art-related activities for children.

However, the festival is not only dedicated to art. A beer and wine garden ensures that you will never go thirsty, and live entertainment contributes to the festive ambiance. Special touches that make the festival truly unique include horse or mule drawn wagon-rides, which add an additional touch of charm.

Route of the Hiawatha Scenic Bike Trail (Wallace)

Wallace, a small hidden gem in Idaho’s Silver Valley, is known for its landscapes and offers an adventure through the Route of the Hiawatha Scenic Bike Trail.

This trail, mainly flat stretches for approximately 15 miles, making it both manageable and fun. The trail takes you through the breathtaking scenery of Idaho, featuring nine railway tunnels and seven trestle bridges.

The star attraction of the trail is the first tunnel, known as the St. Paul Pass or “Taft” Tunnel. Prepare yourself for an adventure through the very dark stretch of 1.7 miles. Essential gear (headlamps and jackets) are recommended.

The trailhead is located off exit 5 on I-90, near Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area. This area doubles as a convenient place for bike rentals if you don’t want to haul your ride up.

Keep in mind there is a fee for trail and shuttle use, but It is indeed worth every penny spent. For those seeking to maximize their adventure, a bike ride back uphill is an option. However, if you’d rather save energy for more exploration, simply catch the shuttle back to the starting point.

After an exhilarating ride, you can unwind and refresh with nearby amenities and attractions, such as inviting restaurants and versatile lodging options in Wallace.

Drive the Salmon River Scenic Byway

One of the must-do activities in Idaho during the fall is to drive the Salmon River Scenic Byway. This drive offers heart-stopping views of the Salmon River and the dramatic landscapes that surround it. Majestic mountains, the rushing river, and the palette of fall foliage create a canvas of color that will leave you spellbound.

The drive follows the path that the great explorers Lewis and Clark once traveled, blending natural beauty with historical significance.

The byway begins at Salmon and ends at Stanley, following the flow of the Salmon River. The start and endpoints are also exciting towns to explore and serve as perfect resting places during your adventure.

*Pro tip*: The best time to drive the Salmon River Scenic Byway for optimal fall colors is from mid-September to mid-October.

One stop you must make along the route is at the historic Challis area, a charming spot with opportunities for hiking, fishing, and exploring ghost towns.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Idaho worth visiting in fall?

Absolutely! October in fall is vibrant, bustling with outdoor activities, and filled with lush foliage. It’s a perfect time for hiking, sightseeing, fruit picking, and attending the numerous fall festivals. Plus, the weather is pleasant—just the right balance between crisp and cool. October brings out the best of Idaho, making it a very worthy time to visit.

What’s special about Boise in the fall?

Boise in the fall is simply magical. The city, aptly nicknamed ‘City of Trees,’ turns into a kaleidoscope of colors. Every corner bursts with festive energy, thanks to the abundance of autumn-themed events, festivals, and farmers markets. Add to that the delightful fall flavors in local breweries and restaurants, and it’s no wonder why Boise is indeed special in the fall.

What outdoor activities are recommended in Idaho during the fall?

Idaho offers a wide array of outdoor activities in the fall. You can explore the stunning fall foliage on a scenic drive or hiking trip. Visit pumpkin patches and navigate through corn mazes for some family fun. Try apple picking at a local orchard or cheer on your team at a Boise State Football game. Don’t forget to check out haunted houses for a spooky experience and wrap up the day with stargazing at the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve. No matter your interest, you’ll find something exciting to do outdoors in Idaho during the fall.

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