26 Things To During Fall In Boise (2023)

Fall in Boise is packed with activities. Whether it’s dining at top-notch restaurants and bars, exploring various museums and art galleries, or enjoying live entertainment and theatre, there’s something for everyone.

For both tourists and local residents of the City of Trees, the city consistently offers engaging events. Every season has its unique offerings, and many of Boise’s best attractions are open throughout the year. As a local myself, we can assure you that experiencing Boise, especially in the fall, is worth your while.

Visit The Pumpkin Patches In Boise

Surprisingly, there are numerous pumpkin patches near Boise, and what better way to welcome the fall season than by selecting a pumpkin to carve at one of them?

Each pumpkin patch offers various enjoyable activities, from corn mazes to hay rides, and even savoring delicious apple cider. Regardless of which pumpkin patch you choose to visit, you’re guaranteed to have a great time engaging in autumn festivities.

Here are a few great pumpkin patches to choose from in the Boise area:

Take A Haunted Tour Of Boise

If you’re intrigued by eerie adventures, think about taking a haunted tour in Boise. The Haunted Trolley Tour stands out among the rest. This 90-minute tour, open to individuals aged 12 and above, delves into the city’s mysterious past.

Guests will be enlightened with tales of historical scandals and paranormal occurrences, making it a favorite among those seeking a ghostly experience.

Enjoy Fall In Boise At Oktoberfest

Boise has its own Oktoberfest celebration, and it’s always a hit. Expect plenty of beer, bratwurst, live music, and entertainment.

The festival usually takes place in late September, even though it’s named after October. It’s been a regular event in the city for many years. If you’re in Boise during the fall, don’t miss out on Oktoberfest!

Haunted Houses

Although the most popular haunted houses in Treasure Valley are not situated in Boise itself, they are easily accessible in nearby Nampa and Caldwell, making for a straightforward and worthwhile trip for those seeking a spooky experience.

In Caldwell, you’ll find a variety of haunted attractions, each offering a unique blend of scares and thrills. From haunted corn mazes to eerie hayrides and haunted houses filled with unexpected frights, there’s something for every thrill-seeker.

One notable haunted attraction is the Requiem Haunted House filled with horrifying setups and characters from your worst nightmares.

Another popular spot is Haunted World as the largest indoor and outdoor haunted attraction and haunted house in the state, you’ll experience a bone chilling frightening experience.

These attractions are meticulously designed, ensuring visitors get a mix of suspense and surprise. It’s a must-visit for adrenaline seekers and fans of spooky adventures.

Experience Fall In Boise With Corn Mazes

Navigating through corn mazes is a cherished fall tradition in Boise. These mazes provide a fun challenge for all ages, combining the beauty of nature with a touch of mystery. It’s an engaging way to immerse oneself in the festive spirit of the season.

One popular destination is Lowe Family Farmstead. Beyond its impressive corn maze, The Farmstead offers a plethora of other autumn activities, including pumpkin picking, hayrides, and a cotton candy cannon. It’s a place where memories are made, and traditions are born.

Another notable corn maze is at Cherry Hill Farms in Caldwell. Here, visitors can explore the maze, enjoy a tractor-pulled hayride, and even enjoy their very special apple cider slushies. It’s an ideal spot for families looking for a full day of fall fun.

Boise has tons of great attractions anytime of the year but if you’re looking for some of the most notable corn mazes around Boise be sure to check out some of these below.

Popular Corn Mazes Around Boise

You-Pick Fruit Picking

The orchards in and around Boise’s come alive with ripe fruit ready for picking during the fall. Visitors can wander through rows of fruit trees, selecting their preferred varieties.

It’s not just about the fruit; it’s an experience that combines the joy of harvesting with the crisp ambiance of autumn. Plus, freshly picked fruit promise unmatched taste and freshness.

Favorite Places For Picking Fruit In And Around Boise

Shop At The Farmers Market

Fall is the ideal season to explore the numerous farmer’s markets in Boise. Browse through fresh, locally sourced produce and products while basking in the cool fall breeze.

The best part is that most of these farmer’s markets feature an extensive array of goods from Idaho suppliers. Guests can discover a variety of items including fresh fruits, vegetables, artisan cheeses, and handcrafted soaps.

Fall Farmers Market In Boise

Enjoy The Fall Flavors With Beer Or Ciders

With so many breweries in Boise, it might be overwhelming to pick the best. However, if you’re looking for standout fall flavors, Payette Brewing Company and Western Collective are top choices. Both breweries are local favorites, offering a delightful selection of seasonal brews.

This fall, indulge in their special offerings like Oktoberfest, Sofa King Fresh and Wet And Wildr epitomizing the essence of the fall season in a glass.

Not a fan of beer? No problem! Head over to Meriwether Cider to indulge in the rich taste of cider aged in bourbon barrels, enjoy the spiced semi-sweet options, or cozy up with a perfectly spiced mug of hot apple cider.

After you’ve had a couple of tasty brews in Boise be sure to head to one of the many unique restaurants in Boise to get a bite to eat soak of that alcohol.

Winery Visits

The fall season in Boise marks the harvest time for vineyards, making it an ideal period for winery visits. The Sunny Slope Wine Trail stands out, offering a scenic route through multiple wineries. Snake River Wine Tours provides tours guiding visitors through tastings and behind-the-scenes looks.

Many wineries around Boise also host special fall harvest events, giving guests a deeper insight into the winemaking process and the chance to sample new releases.

Attend A BSU Broncos Game At Albertsons Stadium

For sports enthusiasts, a Broncos game is a must-attend event. It’s not uncommon to see passionate locals tailgating, showcasing their deep-rooted love for the game.

The games take place at BSU, conveniently located near downtown Boise. With the pleasant weather during game season, there’s no worries of dealing with the sweltering heat.

U-Pick Flower Farms

In Boise, U-Pick flower farms bloom with vibrant colors during the fall. Places like Lovely Hollow Farm and Blue Sky Farm are top choices for visitors. These farms allow guests to handpick their favorite flowers, creating a personalized bouquet. It’s a delightful way to experience the beauty of the season firsthand.

Volunteer Activities

Giving back to the community is a core value in Boise, especially during the fall season. One notable initiative is Rake Up Boise, where volunteers assist the elderly by raking leaves in their yards.

This event not only beautifies the city but also strengthens community bonds.

Participating in such activities provides residents with a sense of purpose and the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of their neighbors.

Harvest Days At Botanical Gardens

The Idaho Botanical Gardens in Boise transform into a beautiful place of colors and events during the fall. Every Saturday in October they host the Fall Harvest Festival, a celebration of the season’s bounty, with the Scarecrow Stroll, vendors, food trucks, local beer, wine, cider and lively music.

On the last Saturday of the month, children of all ages are invited to join the costume parade. Regardless of whether your costume is eerie or adorable, it’s a parade that will delight every participant, from ghosts to ghouls.

See The Fall Foliage

One of Boise’s standout features during autumn is its breathtaking fall foliage. The city and its surrounding areas burst into vibrant colors of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Popular spots for leaf-peeping include scenic drives around the city and trails in nearby parks. This natural display becomes a backdrop for many outdoor activities, from hiking to picnicking.

For both residents and visitors, the changing leaves encapsulate the essence of Boise in the fall.

Best Places To Find Fall Foliage In Boise

  • Camel’s Back Park
  • Boise River Greenbelt
  • Harrison Hollow
  • Kathryn Albertson Park

Boise Zoo

The Boise Zoo becomes a hub of festive activities during the fall, especially with its annual “Boo at the Zoo” and “Spooktacular Evenings At the Zoo” events.

These family-friendly events have trick-or-treating, costume contests, and special Halloween-themed interactions with the animals. It’s a unique way for visitors to have fun at the zoo, blending wildlife education with seasonal fun.

Both kids and adults can enjoy the festivities, making it a must-visit destination during the fall months in Boise.

Enjoy Fall Coffees

As the temperatures drop, Boise’s cafes introduce a range of warm and comforting fall beverages. Local favorites include pumpkin-spiced lattes, apple cider, and other seasonal drinks infused with fall flavors.

In Boise, there are several coffee shops that stand out for their fall coffee offerings.

Here are a few places where you can get a delicious autumn-inspired coffee:

1.The District Coffee House: Location: 219 N 10th St, Boise, ID 83702

Specialty: Known for their Pumpkin Spice Latte and other seasonal specials.

2. Hyde Perk Coffee House: Location: 1507 N 13th St, Boise, ID 83702

Specialty: Offers a variety of fall-flavored lattes and mochas.

3. Slow by Slow Coffee Bar: Location: 403 S 8th St, Boise, ID 83702

Specialty: Try their Autumn Spice Latte or a classic Caramel Macchiato.

Cooking Classes

Fall in Boise brings a bounty of fresh produce, and what better way to celebrate than by mastering new recipes?

Season + Taste Cooking School offers specialized cooking classes focusing on fall dishes. Participants can sign up for different cooking classes depending on their food preferences.

These classes are both educational and interactive, providing hands-on experience and the joy of sharing a meal with fellow cooking enthusiasts.

Witches On The Water

This unique event in Boise is more than just a gathering; it’s a celebration of women (guys are welcome if they dress up) and community.

Witches On The Water is an afternoon where people don their best witchy attire and enjoy a SUP float on the river from Barber Park to Ann Morrison.

Hiking Around Boise

Fall is arguably the best time to explore Boise’s trails, with cooler temperatures and colorful landscapes enhancing the experience.

Popular hiking spots, such as the Boise Foothills and Table Rock, offer panoramic views of the city blanketed in fall colors. It’s a refreshing way to connect with nature and see the seasonal changes up close.

Sunset Views

As the days grow shorter in Boise, the sunsets become even more spectacular. Locations like J.R. Simplot Hill and Boise Train Depot are prime spots to catch the sun dipping below the horizon, painting the sky in brilliant shades of orange, pink, and purple.

These vantage points provide not only great sunset views but also a panoramic outlook of Boise in the soft glow.ight.

Get Spooked At The Old Idaho Penitentiary

During October, the historic Old Idaho Penitentiary takes on a spooky aura hosting Squawky and Spirits that’s all about its eerie past. You can experience the penitentiary by listening to chilling ghost stories and encounter unexpected surprises.

Immerse yourself in music and live performances, enjoy a variety of food from food trucks, and have the option to buy alcoholic beverages.

The Penitentiary’s haunted cell block, Terror on Cell Block 4 (the only haunted cell house in Idaho), makes for a thrilling experience.

Enjoy Fall Biking Around Boise

The Boise Greenbelt stretching alongside the Boise River, becomes a great spot for bikers during the fall. The tree-lined trails, with autumn colors, offer a great biking experience.

If you’re looking for something a bit more advanced than the Greenbelt stretch head out to the Boise Foothills where you’ll find trails for all levels.

If you don’t have your own bike don’t worry there are plenty of places you can rent bikes around the city or you can head to one of the many Boise bike shops to get personalized help.

Fun Runs And Marathons In Boise

Embracing the spirit of the season, Boise hosts several themed fun runs during the fall. A short and fun one that stands out is the YMCA Halloween Monster Mile & Freaky 5K, offering participants a chance to put on costumes and run for a cause.

If you’re looking for a longer run don’t miss the Boise City of Trees half and full marathon run

These events combine fitness with festivity, encouraging community participation and promoting health. Whether you’re a regular runner or just looking for a fun activity, these runs provide an energetic way to enjoy the autumn vibes in Boise.

Local Art

freak alley boise

Boise’s art scene comes alive in the fall, with local artists showcasing their talents in various mediums. One of the city’s most iconic art destinations is the Freak Alley Gallery, an outdoor mural gallery that transforms alleyways into vibrant displays of creativity.

The artworks, often inspired by the season, add a splash of color and imagination to the city’s landscape. It’s a testament to Boise’s thriving art community and a must-visit for art enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

Road Trips To See Fall Foliage

Boise’s strategic location makes it a starting point for several picturesque road trips during the fall. Nearby destinations like Sun Valley, McCall, and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area beckon with their autumnal beauty.

These drives offer a mix of mountain vistas, serene lakes, and dense forests, all adorned in fall colors.

Whether it’s a day trip or an extended weekend getaway, road trips from Boise provide a chance to explore the broader beauty of Idaho during this vibrant season.

Enjoy Boise Fall Events

As October rolls in, Boise’s event calendar fills up with a mix of festive and cultural happenings.

From Oktoberfest celebrations with traditional music and beer to local craft fairs showcasing Idaho’s artisans, there’s something for everyone. The city also hosts various community gatherings, parades, and farmers’ markets, emphasizing local produce and crafts.

These events not only offer entertainment but also foster a sense of community, making fall a lively and connected time in Boise.

Notable Fall Festivals And Events In Boise

Wrapping Up Boise In Fall

As the golden hues of fall envelop Boise, the city truly comes into its own, offering a blend of activities, events, and natural beauty.

From the simple joys of apple picking and leaf-peeping to the thrill of haunted houses and festive events, Boise in autumn is a testament to the city’s vibrant spirit and rich culture.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, there’s no better time to explore and immerse yourself in all that Boise has to offer. So, lace up those boots, grab a warm drink, and set out to experience the magic of Boise in the fall.

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