vulcan hot springs idaho

Vulcan Hot Springs

Located near Cascade, Idaho Vulcan Hot Springs is a unique experience with its large pool and massive amounts of near boiling water that feed it.

So much so that the US Department of Energy has even contemplated a geo-thermal electric plant here.

Directions to trailhead HERE

Best time to go: Year-round

Miles roundtrip: 2 miles

Elevation gain: 165ft

Our Idaho hot springs are under attack. As the number of visitors have increased so has the TRASH. Hot springs are getting shut down every year so please make it a point to not only pick up the big trash but micro trash as well. If we all do our part we can keep these natural wonders accessible.

From large cracks above the pool pour what looks like a creek of 190 degree water. Be careful here as many have suffered burns.

The pools are built beaver style using downed trees and logs to create pools. Every year the pools are a bit different but at times the main pool can be over 30 feet wide.

Occasionally there are reports of red spider mites along the shore rocks so it’s never a bad idea to put clothing up higher on the bank.

At the trailhead there is limited parking and an outhouse. The trail is pretty straight forward and starts across the street from the parking area.

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Idaho Hot Springs Map

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